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Security bracelet for the elderly. more »
An increase of patients suffering from aspiration could be seen in an neurological hospital. There is no sufficient diagnose probability to figure out whether a patient swallowed sufficiently or not. more »
The goal of the project is to develop an innovative chair for ambulances and hospital transport, which has a low weight and the design enhances the comfort of the patient and carrier. more »
The positioning system is suitable for the automatic setting of the operating lamps applied in operating rooms. It enables the surgeon to set the direction and focus of the light properly without demanding assistance or touching the lamp. more »
Auxetic materials have negative Poisson ratio, which means that they contract instead of expand when pressured. This invention is a bio resorbable and auxetic metallic material which can be applied for bone substitution. more »
Bioreactor for creating and conditioning biological tissues more »
The solid fraction of the sour cherry contains different flavonoids and active natural vegetable substances that positively influence the cardiovascular circulation, therefore it can be used as raw material for developing drugs or nutritional products. more »
To avoid the risk the catheter obstruct itself after using The goal could be reached by updating the catheter with an internal wire which should include a sferical termination more »
Apparatus that offers containers for the collection of sputum, urine, feces and the preservation of specimens of biological cultures of the patients. more »
From the oil fraction of sour cherry seed various cosmetic products can be produced that are rich in vitamin E, tocotrienol (vitamin E-like components) and unsaturated free fatty acid esters. It enhances the blood-circulation and has positive effects on the skin with its high level of antioxidants. more »